THIS MONTH'S OLD NEWS: August & September, 2017

Vol. 29, No. 1

-Bessemer Invents New Way To Make Steel

- Aviator Attempts Flight Across United States

- French Government Rebuilds Paris

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OLD NEWS on The Americans: 11 True Stories of Challenge and Wonder.

"Here are tales of adventurers, gifted and determined, who enriched our lives as they lived theirs with spirit and grit. Francis Scott Key, who turned glorious patriot as he saw Fort McHenry�s defenders bombed but not bowed. Amelia Earhart, who became a famous pilot before she could fly. Slaves William and Ellen Craft, who ran a thousand miles for freedom using audacity and ingenious disguise. Butch Cassidy and Sundance, Barnum, Twain, Dix. The first female doctor, a Civil War spy, the sharpshooting Quaker girl of Buffalo Bill�s Wild West show, and the man who banished pain. Meet them all - discover the TRUE stories about the people you only thought you knew."

Matthew Surridge on Reading Strange Matters: Collected Reviews, Vol. I

"Reading Strange Matters celebrates of some of the best in fantasy from the twenty-first century. Two dozen essays discuss important books from the new millennium which mix wild imagination and literary sophistication. First published at, these pieces collectively show at the breadth of modern fantasy. Texts examined include Jeff VanderMeer�s Ambergris books, Salman Rushdie�s The Enchantress of Florence, Ali Smith�s Hotel World, Stella Gemmell�s The City, and Haruki Murakami�s 1Q84."

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